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You don’t have to walk through a door to make good use of it…

Reclaimed and spare doors are cheap. So cheap, in fact, they make an awesome, stylish material for making, well, lots of things!
I read a post on a social media site a couple of days ago, urging me to to get to Costco to pick up one of their “amazing” daybeds for “only” nine hundred bucks.
Well, that’s fine if you like that sort of thing, and each to their own I say. But I much prefer things that are unique, more interesting and – of course – made from used or spare materials. Check out the gallery below for daybeds and other interesting items made from reclaimed doors; see what you think…
Used doors are cheap – and they’re useful for much more than filling holes in walls, or replacing existing doors damaged by accidents, burglaries or the force of a testosterone and teenage angst fuelled fist!
If you enjoy art, craft, woodworking and building stuff; if you have a flair for repurposing, a mind for design, an eye for a bargain or just a budding desire to learn how to make useful things without consuming new materials… Consider expressing yourself and showing your talents – or honing your skills – using reclaimed and spare materials.
With reusables, you’ll save money, you’ll save the planet and you’ll end up with something affordable but unique; something deeply satisfying and something you can feel truly proud to own – something you can never get with a Costco card. Have a look at the examples below to see how old door plus imagination equals fresh, beautiful design…

**We will be adding more and more information to this all new website in the coming weeks and months, including informative articles and videos giving tips and demonstrations to help with all kinds of projects. Please bear with us – great stuff is coming!**

Want to know what materials we have in store right now? Click here to see a gallery showing a small selection… While we’re still working on developing our online inventory, please feel free to contact us and ask – we’ll be happy to help!