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Where Smart Reno Dollars Go Part Two: The Bathroom

Question: Where do smart renovation dollars go?

If you read our last article, then you know the answer…
Let’s not repeat ourselves by giving general reno advice again, but if you didn’t read part one and are considering renovations, maybe and give it a read before you start.






As we’ve said before, enovations to the kitchen and bathroom are the most popular, and with good reason: kitchen and bathroom improvements increase the value of your house more than other improvements. If you’re aiming to achieve a higher rental value for your property and minimise vacancies, then the kitchen and bathroom should be considered the most important rooms.


So, here are our top 10 tips for getting value for money in the Bathroom:

  1. Just like with the kitchen, have a plan (and therefore a budget) and stick to it. Do your research and planning before you start. Working with a designer isn’t perhaps as important as in the kitchen, depending on the size of the bathroom and the extent of the remodeling.
  2. Whether your budget is small or large, ask us to remove your exiting basthroom. If you’re re-usable items, we will try to remove it and other furniture whole, hoping to find it a new home. If this is possible, we’ll do the removal free of charge. If we can’t re-use enough of what’s there, then we still promise to beat any local quote and will endeavor to re-purpose raw materials and keep what we can from landfill.
  3. Again, as in the kitchen, far as possible, leave plumbing, electrical and mechanical things where they are. Of course, if there’s no way around this and you’re undertaking such a big job that there must be a lot of this more expensive and time-consuming work done, then make sure the tradespeople you use are experienced and decent – do your research.
  4. If you’ve got to move just one thing, then bear in mind that sinks are usually the cheapest to plumb in.
  5. If you need  countertop around your sink, consider seeing whether there are suitable pieces of spare or re-useable counter tops in our store, we might be able to help further supply materials for your new kitchen that suit the look – often these are brand new, leftovers acquired direct from manufacturers.
  6. Put up shelves rather than installing cabinetry: many bathroom items are easy enough on the eye that they can serve a decorative purpose, so why hide them away? If they’re arranged nicely, the seldom-used items you have can give the room character. Consider putting a shelf above the door, perhaps – it’s a seldom used space that can look really cool.
  7. Work around a single big-ticket or ‘splurge’ item: If you’re in love with the idea of a luxurious bath, then make this the focal point and try to save money elsewhere (chrome taps will look just as good as nickel, but can cost a lot less); if your new sink is the item you love the most, then plainer, cheaper tiles won’t detract from it.
  8. As stated in the kitchen reno guide, floors seem to be less important than everything above them (in the kitchen and bathrooms especially); unless it’s in the shower – where a beautiful mosaic might be the crowning jewel in your bathroom design, seek out lower cost, durable flooring and you can save a packet.
  9. Again, f you’re thinking of new doors, then you rarely need to pay big dollars for them… Have a look at timsreusables.com, give us a call, or send us an email. We’re sure we can satisfy your needs and budget with ease…
  10. And finally: re-purpose living room and bedroom furnishings: A bathroom containing lounge-style furnishings appears extremely luxurious, if you have the space. Even if the room is quite small, an ottoman or bench with storage inside doesn’t take up many square feet, adds storage and gives a bathroom class. One of our favorite projects is turning an old dresser into a vanity; with imagination and only a little skill, this can be an extremely cost-effective way of giving your home some unique character, and at a fraction of the cost of custom cabinetry. Below are some stunning examples we love…

     How long could you spend in front of these stylish, re-purposed vanities?

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