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DEALS4U – Home Renos, Golf, Office & More!

Home Renovations Tight on funds? Need to home reno supplies at a price that's too good to be true? Check us out at GOOD4U. We have tiles, flooring, baseboards, windows, doors and more! Check out our store for more Good4U deals. Click here to view some available items and more on Kijiji! Featured Item Prices: Tiles (various selection) - $10/box Baseboards & Molding (various selection) - $0.25 to $0.50/piece Window Inserts (various sizes) - $50 to $150 OBO Skylights (various sizes) - $50 to $150 OBO Patio Doors (various selection) - $400 to $1000 OBO Door 2 Side Light - $1000 OBO Door [...]

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Can a Wine Rack Possibly Have a Worthy Alternative Purpose?!

Can a Wine Rack Possibly Have a Worthy Alternative Purpose?! What could be a more noble use of any kind of wood, glass, metal, plastics, carbon fibre, or other material known to man, than as a structure built to house a collection of delicious booze? Ok, you’re right, nothing. However, here’s a pretty good runner-up – check out this amazing creation made from an old wine rack, by customers of ours Mike and Julie deBoer in Inglewood, Calgary… Just click on the image, or wait a few seconds and see how the tired old thing was reborn! Yep – it’s a stunning little free [...]

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Build Yourself a Unique, Greener Than Green Greenhouse…

Build Yourself a Unique, Greener Than Green Greenhouse… Looking for an outdoor project now that spring has definitely sprung? If you want to get outside in the garden and build something fun… One of our favorite projects – and a really popular one amongst our customers – is the greenhouse made from reclaimed windows and other reused materials. We’ve seen some amazing designs – classic shapes using everything from beautiful old bay windows and solid oak doors, to funky ideas constructed entirely from old shower cubicles units! Here is an amazing gallery to give you some inspiration… http://www.inspirationgreen.com/ greenhouses-made-from-old-windows-and-doors.html Want to know what materials we have [...]

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