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Can a Wine Rack Possibly Have a Worthy Alternative Purpose?!

What could be a more noble use of any kind of wood, glass, metal, plastics, carbon fibre, or other material known to man, than as a structure built to house a collection of delicious booze?

Ok, you’re right, nothing.

However, here’s a pretty good runner-up – check out this amazing creation made from an old wine rack, by customers of ours Mike and Julie deBoer in Inglewood, Calgary… Just click on the image, or wait a few seconds and see how the tired old thing was reborn!

Yep – it’s a stunning little free community library, in the style of a classic british telephone box!
If you’re not familiar with the Little Free Library movement that’s been sweeping North America of late, or the fact that Calgary has the largest and fastest growing network in Canada, then it’s our pleasure to bring it to your attention!
The first Little Free Library appeared in Wisconsin in 2009. Now an official non-profit organization, as of January 2014 the total number of registered “LFL”s in the world was estimated to be nearly 15,000.
We can’t think of a better way to bond communities – or a nicer way to repurpose old furniture and reuse reclaimed building materials.
For more info on the LFL organization, have a look here: http://littlefreelibrary.org/
A huge thank you goes out to Julie and Mike for sending in these pics – and for finding a wonderful new job for old materials.