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About Us

It all started way back in 1993.


Tim and his son AJ started a business called Tim’s Resuables in Calgary. They started receiving used building materials, appliances, furniture, and other home building supplies that were in perfectly usable condition. Based out of their cozy NE location, they sold these items to contractors, renovators, and anyone with a DIY attitude that was working on a budget. Tim and AJ started a proud tradition of selling good items and materials at a discount instead of sending them to the dump.

After a successful 26 years in business, Enterprise4Good became the proud new owners of the business, renaming it to Good4U and moving to a brand new location. We strive to maintain Tim and AJ’s vision while expanding it to benefit and create opportunities for challenged individuals. Together we can help the environment, strengthen our communities, and build better homes.

Enterprise4Good is a Calgary-based non-profit business that’s been around since 1973, specializing in social enterprise. That means we run businesses and high-value programs that not only benefit the community, but are financially self-sustaining (we don’t rely on fundraising and grants). Your donations help to create jobs and fund worthwhile programs right here in Calgary! Some of our other branches focus on helping seniors with dementia, providing specialty services for youth with autism, and helping the Masai tribes in Africa.

The Enterprise4Good Family: